Unsung Friends

Unsung Friends

Yesterday we talked about parents who molded and shaped the lives of our Biblical Heroes. Obviously we will have to wait to get the whole story and obtain a sense of what they did that molded and shaped the hearts of their children and prepared them for eternal scrutiny through the scriptures. Oh my goodness, if we could only understand what they did to make that profound of an impact. But there were others also that had a tremendous impact on our heroes. Their friends. We just never really get a picture of who they were and what it was about them that these heroes loved.

The two most exemplary examples are of the top tier – David who in eternity will be the King of Israel and of course Christ Jesus who rules eternity because of the sacrifice He made for us all. Each of them had friends – no, not the ones in all the stories and adventures that are so commonly used in sermons and writings. I am talking about their true and intimate friends. The ones they spent significant undisclosed time with. The ones that NO ONE tells stories about and yet, the ones I honestly believe had more influence on their lives, than anyone outside of their parents.

For David it was Hushai the Arkite. Yes, I know he loved Jonathan and there was a comradery between them that is discussed openly. However, there is no record of Jonathan being referred to as David’s friend, only Hushai. After hearing of treason brewing from his counselor Ahitophel, David meets with Hushai. He is obviously an older man because David tells him he would be a burden in the rebellion led by Absalom.  David knew the value of a mentor and obviously chose wisely as Hushai ended up protecting him during this trying time. We all need wisdom and advice from time to time and each of us must choose with discernment.

When we think of Jesus our mind goes immediately to the inner circle of Disciples – Peter, James and John. Wrong! Lazarus was Jesus’s Friend! With that concept in mind it is much easier to see why Jesus wept at his death when there are no other mentions of that kind of display of emotions by Him. We see in the Archko volume that Jesus and Lazarus spent days at a time in the mountainous areas laughing, enjoying nature and deepening their relationship away from the maddening crowds. This is where friendship develops and blossoms – where two people can just be themselves.

I’ve said it before and will quote Franklin again: “Friends should be few and well chosen.” Two prominent men. One who changed the course of a nation and another who changed the course of the world, took time to invest in friends. I encourage you to seek out friendships. Seek the ones that will allow honesty, openness and love, despite your flaws. Pray that God will help you see who, so you can take the steps of friendship and allow them to respond. Take the time to be transparent and not hold back – that will ensure the friendship is real. If it is, you are a great winner the way David and Jesus were. And, above all else, you may be the unheralded friend of someone great which is much better than being in the spotlight, and along with it – criticism!

Love Dad

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