Family and Friends – The Father 2.0

Family and Friends – The Father 2.0

With the Father’s image as a foundation, (Colossians 1:15, 2Corinthians 4:4) Genesis 1:27 illustrates how the process works, explaining that “God created man in His own image, in the image of God, He created him; male and female He created them.” Now, let’s rephrase this verse in the context of what you have previously learned. We conclude, “The Divine Rulers and Judges fashioned an individual. They did this based on what was consistent with each Deity, regardless of whether they were creating a man or woman.”

In this verse, the concept of creation appears three times. Twice the verse says that God wanted you to have His physical image based on the definition of the Hebrew word image! I think He was trying to highlight this point. If you have spent much time reading the Bible, you know when Divinity really wants you to understand something; the concepts are emphasized through repetition. Jesus was true to this premise when He emphasized key points by using the phrase “Verily, verily, I say unto you . . . .” (That is, “truly, truly”). The Father wants to make sure you know that you are like Him.

Let it sink into your mind and heart that you were created in His likeness. Most people do not grasp the magnitude of this gift until they understand that the Father had the foresight to weave a unique aspect of His image into the fiber of every individual. And you are no exception. That forethought and preparation illustrates the Divine Ruler’s unconditional love for you personally. Each one of us was conceived to be “God compatible.” These common genes are the reason we are compatible with Deity. These genetics also explain why mankind has been on a continual quest for deeper and greater knowledge. Throughout the millennia, man has pondered his meaning and the significance of life, but what mankind is really searching for is “connectivity.” The areas of compatibility between man and The God Family are like pieces of a puzzle. They fit only when joined with the appropriate parts of your Divine Rulers and Judges. Only the love obtained from a working relationship with The God Family—not merely data or knowledge about Them—can fill the empty spaces of your soul with the pieces exclusive to the Trinity’s image. It’s true because the foundation of your creation was the Father’s image. The hidden chambers of your heart crave to be filled with the same supernatural substance from which you were derived.

Consider this analogy. Your automobile was designed with a gas tank, which serves as a container for the energy that propels you toward your destination. In a similar way, you were created with a spiritual cavity designed to house a specific “fuel.” Your fuel helps you reach, or move around in,  the Kingdom of God. To maintain peace and joy on your journey, your cavity must be filled with your Divine Ruler’s fuel. That fuel provides an infinite supply of compassion, mercy, knowledge, and wisdom. You cannot acquire these and other needed attributes without frequent visits to the source of the fuel. Otherwise, you will experience an empty fuel tank, which manifests itself as cravings in your life. Most people try to fill their empty tanks and cravings with possessions, substances or other people. Your heart is not really longing for those things any more than your car’s gas tank is longing for water. Your cravings are for the fuel from having a relationship with the Designer of your image. When you have that in place, your emptiness will disappear as you embrace the image of the Father who called you by name and gave you your name.

We will address that on January 2nd. Tomorrow I want to share an experience I grew up with when I was young – something I will never forget. Then on the 1st we’ll welcome the new year. Think about someone who preplanned your birth and existence because HE SAW VALUE IN YOU!

Love Dad

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