Slow Down and Smell The Roses

Slow Down and Smell The Roses


Over the last few decades I have had the opportunity of working with almost every aspect of the Human Resource process. I never gave much thought to the hiring process until I began using psychometric tools to help me see what is often not visible during the interview process. Students are trained to interview, those who have had multiple jobs have gained the experience and then some people just interview well. It can be a difficult process, even when you have data in front of you because there will never be a perfect match for the “benchmark” established for the position. People are just more complex than a series of tasks.

Another challenge that arises during this process is that there are normally multiple candidates with varying capabilities and skill sets. Often many of the candidates are strong where others are week, making it difficult for the person doing the hiring to proceed with pure objectivity – even when the same group of formatted questions are asked. However, there is a phenomena that occurs quite often during the interview process. It is called the first & last syndrome because the first and last people you meet and interview will normally stand out. It is a challenge that happens and can often bring bias into the interviewing process.

The first and last effect can lead to a poor hire because our tendency is to forget some of the important things that were said in-between. Yet, many times there is substance that can be lost in the shuffle. So it is with life also. I know that as I look back on my life I can remember many of the things done as a child and more recent events but the rest often seems like a blur – especially the years I was focused on making a living and supporting you kids. Yet, those are the years that provide substance to your lives and you probably remember them better than I do.  Even more importantly, you will remember what I should have done or what I should have invested in (more heavily) to make your life more meaningful and deeper. But, as you know I have limited resources mentally, yet God saw fit to loan you to me. For that I am forever grateful. Just remember that if I would have known how to do everything perfectly, it would have taken the opportunity away for you to formulate your own character.

Christ is called the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last for good reason. He conceived us and watched us as we formed in the womb. HE know us ahead of time and did not just view our missteps along the way but put it in the context of how we finish our life. The challenge that you and I all face is the time in-between and that is where we as a family come in. We are there for each other to help each other through this process so that the end is better than the beginning as Solomon says multiple times in Ecclesiastes.  

Yes, life can be a blur. Things happen fast and time moves by quickly. What you cannot forget is that it is how you finish this life that counts and the finish is based on the “day to day” efforts you invest in each other and those you touch every day. That is why Christ said that we are not to worry about tomorrow just do a good job today. Think about the Kings of Israel and know that Josiah finished well even though he may not have been the one who started with the greatest pomp and ceremony. I encourage you to do something I have struggled with – slow down and smell the roses. They will refresh and renew you along the way. Live Shalom.

Love dad.

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