Family and Friends – The Father 4.0

Family and Friends – The Father 4.0

As we look more deeply into your relationship with Father God, I feel it is important to ask yourself this question: “What did The Father create (contextually) for me?” You, like everyone else has something you can do better than any other person. A person with talent is said to “have an apparently native ability for a specific pursuit,” and the definition connotes that this ability is, or has the potential to be, cultivated by the one possessing it, per Webster’s dictionary. Each one of us embodies some of the Father’s talents, with a special twist.

Your design enables you to achieve a distinctive position in life. These endowments make you uniquely different from every other person who walks this earth or has appeared in Scripture. Your distinctiveness makes it pointless for you to compare yourself with others. Your mental and spiritual maturity will develop as you embrace your individuality as being the handiwork of your Father. Only then will you have the confidence and freedom to fulfill your designed position in life.

To achieve your Kingdom position and halak with The Father, you are simply asked to be a good steward of the image, talents, and abilities that He knew you would need. Each of your future capabilities was carefully considered during His conceptualization process. Your parents, through God’s plan at conception, passed onto you every gene necessary for both earthly and Kingdom success. As you grew, the Father orchestrated each set of circumstances and individuals who entered your life. This was done to enable you to develop the skills necessary to accomplish His will, maximizing His image and design, at just the right time.

The challenge most of us face is our human nature to rationalize our use of our God-given abilities for purposes other than those for which they were intended. That is not an excuse; it is just reality. And this is why we need a separate and personal relationship with the Father. Our first priority, as sons and daughters of the Almighty God, is to fulfill our image design. As your journey progresses, the Holy Spirit will help to guide and focus your perspective so that you do not become too heavenly minded and [of] no earthly good.

Bezalel is a good example from Scripture illustrating the fulfillment of one’s individual design, as well as each of the triune[1] relationships. Exodus 31:2 reveals that Bezalel was the chosen or “chosen” to be the craftsman for all the articles of the temple. In Hebrew, the word used in this verse is qara’ and it is defined as “endowed, called out, commissioned, or appointed.” To have been selected for this task, Bezalel must have been endowed with special skills and abilities. The Father designed Bezalel to possess the intricate and analytical mind of a perfectionist. Anyone with similar personality traits knows that these skills can often be interpreted by others as a “critical spirit.” But, Bezalel was created for the specific purpose of crafting the temple articles, and he fulfilled it; he used his talents the way in which the Father intended. Bezalel accomplished his purpose by being who and what he was conceived by God to be. His relationship with the Father was rock solid.

Love Dad

[1] In this case I am referring to an individual relationship with each of the three individuals of the Trinity.

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  1. Thank you Grandmaster, for the inspiring story. I am recommitting myself to further determine and develop my gifts and talents. My goal is to continue to ask the Holy Spirit to help me grow my gifts and talents.

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