Family and Friends – The Father 6.0

Family and Friends – The Father 6.0

I want to take today to begin to complete the concept of this relationship with Father God. The father is scripturally assigned as the Architect and Provider (of the master plan) for His universal family. Therefore, I want you to understand the depth of meaning behind that designation and why it is assigned to The Father. To do so, let us uncover the application aspect for us here on earth.

The literal meaning of the phrase Hayah Jirah is “God will see to it.” The word jirah comes from the ancient root word rā’â, meaning “to have the power to consider and discern all needs.” This supernatural ability is based on The Father’s ability to peer into the time continuum and see all the multiple options and outcomes available to the individual based on his or her free will. To get to the point, Father God, Hayah Jirah, has already seen each possible scenario passing through your mind. He knows the consequences of each potential choice and envisions a contingency for each option and it’s impact on His Divine Plan. I don’t know about you, but this concept alone blows me away. Whatever you choose (of your own free will), God’s provision will meet or exceed (in order to bless you) with the requirements of that choice. He does this with the full knowledge of your individual needs as they pertain to your unique growth and development the same way He did for Abram and Isaac in Genesis 22:13 – 14.

As we age, we sometimes get ourselves into trouble by assuming God’s role as the all-sustaining Provider, rather than viewing our role as the manager (or steward) of His resources. We attempt to usurp the Father’s authority just like Nebuchadnezzar, who viewed himself as the reason for Babylon’s greatness in Daniel 4:30. Instead of acknowledging our blessings by tithing, which is an act that illustrates that all of our possessions are His anyway, we see them as the fruit of our own ingenuity. We take satisfaction in spending our hard-earned money on individual wants rather than meeting our needs and sowing into the kingdom. This allows the sin of pride to creep into our hearts as we set ourselves up, in our own minds, as the provider.

The Father makes it plain that He conceived every specific position and place of authority so that every individual would suit His pleasure and purpose. (Romans 13:1 – 3) Our wealth, possessions and talents are from and through Him, not our own abilities. He programmed even the smallest synapse of our brains with the ability to acquire the knowledge necessary to do the work that He wants us to do, as well as the drive to provide income for ourselves and others. He directs our paths so that we walk where we need to walk to fulfill His plan. (Proverbs 16:9, 19:21) We would have nothing if it were not given to us by God. The 19th century author Ada R. Habersham, in her book “Study of the Types,” said it best: “When God asks us for something, He always gives it to us first.”

When you crawl into bed tonight, I want you to remember Ada’s words. God will not demand anything of you that He has not already made provisions for or prepared you for. You may feel the circumstances you are facing are beyond your control and that there is no answer. Respond as I have advised you in the past – remember what God did to Adam in Genesis 2:20. He brought him to a point of frustration so HE could provide the answer and solution. Let HIM be Hayah Jirah! You must ask to receive!

Love Dad

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