Family & Friends – The Father’s Gift To The Son 1.0

Family & Friends – The Father’s Gift To The Son 1.0

Today, I want to help you see, with greater depth, the concept of how individuals compromise and contribute to the family working together. The God Family has given us an example of the perfect process for growing and developing a family IF we look for the processes. This will take more than a couple days, but it is important to help you understand the role differences between the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. In this way, you will be able to focus your meditation and prayers more succinctly. The more succinct the better you can see God’s hand at work in your life. So, let’s begin our focus by what the Father has done for HIS family so we can see how one prepares, helps and builds the other.

We’ll start by reminding you that if you never take the time to analyze the uniqueness of God in your personality, you will never glimpse the thought and love He invested in designing you. Your responsibility is to discover the strengths you possess so that you may benefit your fellow man through your ministry to others. At the same time, you must recognize your weaknesses so that, in them, you will be made strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10, 13:9)

Someone once said, “to understand others, you must first understand yourself.” For you to have a meaningful relationship with someone, you must be able to recognize the similarities and differences between yourself and that person. With this knowledge, you will have a greater ability to build your friendship upon a common foundation of purpose – despite any differences that exist. As your relationships deepen, life will take on more meaning and you will gain a clearer view of the ministry the Father had in mind for you. Without knowledge you cannot ensure your choices place you on the path which most strongly reveals the Divine image God The Father designed for your life.  For example, if you are 5’2” tall, you may not want to invest your whole being in becoming an NBA star!

On my business website, you will find two free assessments. ( One is for understanding your natural behaviors (genetics) and values (culturally acquired). The second is one that will help you measure your spiritual gifts. Please complete these short exercises which will help you understand more about yourself and what aspects of the Father’s image He has shared with you. As early as 400 B.C., the work of Hypocrites reveals that mankind developed the practice of analyzing people’s actions and reactions to life to identify and categorize the similarities and differences between themselves. Paul used the word God sōphronizō to make the point that we must communicate, teach and care for people “in their own way,” referring to their personality differences. Paul studied at the university in Tarsus, one of the largest Roman schools. He was illustrating that we must use this discernment with others because each person is unique. By understanding your own and other individuals’ desire or preference to control life’s circumstances, influence others, lead a fast or slow paced life, and submit to authority, you can discern God’s uniqueness in yourself and others.

As you uncover your own tendencies, you will better understand why you are drawn to certain kinds of roles or positions in life. This knowledge will also help you understand why you made some of your past major life decisions. In addition to understanding your personal propensities, you should also be able to see patterns in the behavior of others. This insight will help you formulate bases for prayer, accountimacy (remember, it’s “accountability” and “intimacy”) and spiritual maturity.

Take the time to lay a foundation for whom God created you to be. Then you will be able to understand what Christ did with God’s mindset when He created you! Two deities working to make sure you were perfect in Their eyes. That’s amazing.

Love Dad

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