Family and Friends – The Father’s Gift To The Son 2.0

Family and Friends – The Father’s Gift To The Son 2.0

In the next couple days, we will see how The Father does prep work for the Son. He takes His mental plan and then passes the concepts on – one piece at a time based on what He knows needs to be applied. That is what God (the Architect) did for Christ (the creator). He took His master plan, made sure it was right in every detail and then prepared Christ to play His role in execution of the plan. A Biblical example of this, was David’s preparation for his son’s construction of the Temple, (1 Chronicles 22) because The Father said David was not the one to build it. (1 Chronicles 28:3)

Your Father and Christ both know that your makeup comes with advantages and disadvantages, depending on with whom you are interacting. Some traits may help you make great spiritual strides one day, but embarrassing mistakes the next. Remember this though: the more embarrassing the mistake, the greater God’s grace to cover you, and thus the more grateful you should be. The key is to accept the forgiveness offered and start each day with a renewed desire to walk down the Kingdom path. The more often you look for and discern your path, the more quickly you will intimately halak with your Father.

Consider the uniqueness of your personality. Some aspects produce greater gaps in your halak with The Father and Christ, your Image-Maker. Read through your reports and then prioritize your focus, making them a matter of prayer and fasting. I suggest praying daily and fasting twice a month on this topic. In so doing, you will demonstrate your desire for a deeper and more meaningful intimacy with the Father. Ask Him to help you maximize your productivity and keep you sensitive to those counterproductive aspects of your personality. Learn to recognize how each trait affects the others and how to use them appropriately as the Father’s Kingdom opens to you.

After studying your behaviors, mindsets and spiritual gifts, the result of your self-evaluation, think about where the gaps lie. How do those gaps impact your approach to interacting with others and caring for their needs? Consider the insights they provide for what your Father wanted you to be. Study them and pray for those attributes you desire to possess to be added to you. Ask the Father to use your weaknesses to provide insight into those areas that do not come naturally to you. Consider finding a partner with the strengths you desire but do not possess to help you on your journey.

You should be beginning to see which parts of the Father’s image are most prominent in your personality, how they appear to others, and the impact they do or can have on your personal ministry. As the parable of the talents made clear, God expects you to use what you are given, and not to worry about what you do not have. The Father wants you to use your capabilities to produce the greatest return possible for His Kingdom. In today’s language, he wants you to maximize your assets and minimize your liabilities. Remember, your personality will impact the Kingdom’s work because the Father is ordering the steps of your life according to Proverbs 16:9

Love Dad

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