Family and Friends – The Father 8.0

Family and Friends – The Father 8.0

Today is going to be brief, but I want you to take some time and just contemplate the uniqueness of THE FATHER. After reading this and digesting it a bit, I have a question to ask you.

Here is what we know about THE FATHER

His personal name   Hayah, Yahweh
His favorite nickname   Abba (Daddy)
His family position   Father
His title   El Eloyhn (God Most High); Sovereign Lord
His occupation   Lawgiver, Architect, Master Planner, & Provider of all things
His goal   That we would be His people and He our God
One of His more frequent comments and thoughts   “If my people would just listen to me”
The inheritance He passes on to you   His image/genetic code
What He designed for you   A universal process for your perfection
His intention for you   To be WHO and WHAT He conceived for your life
What He expects of you   To become complete based on His intended design
What He’s not   The shaper/molder, intercessor or the one who moves about on Earth

At some point, and maybe it is right now, you will feel like life is not what you want it to be. You will feel like something is wrong – maybe even bad wrong, about the way things are turning out. If this is true, your relationship with the Father is out of whack. If that is true, you must ask yourself this question:

“Father God where am I off track with what you created me to be and how can I get back on track?”

Know that your experience and perhaps pain from being off track is for purpose. Take a deep breath because the relationship with THE FATHER can be restored. You must ask and not compare yourself to others. You simply must enjoy who you are! Just ask the Father for this:

Father God, I ask You to let me see Your purpose for me. I know that You designed me using the unique characteristics of Yourself. I also understand, Father, that in addition to carrying parts of Your image, I must value my distinctiveness as much as You do. Father, may my unique image achieve its potential and may I become as much me as You are Father God. And Father, may I achieve this with the humility of Your Son, Christ Jesus. Amen

Love Dad

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