Angels 4.0 (Trivia)

Angels 4.0 (Trivia)

Throughout the Bible we find mentioning of angels. However, ancient Hebrew writings referred to in Scripture call many by name and describe their works more specifically. I thought it might be fun for us to cover the seven Archangels briefly for additional background knowledge. Here we go!

  1. Michael – Ranked as the greatest of all angels in Jewish, Christian and Islamic writings, he stands out as chief of the order. He is said to be the ruler of the 4th heaven, Prince of the presence, angel of repentance, righteousness, mercy, and sanctification, the guardian of Israel and conqueror of Satan (even though he is not vanquished yet.) He is also the angel who destroyed 185,000 troops of Sennacherib and kept Abraham from sacrificing Isaac.
  2. Gabriel – Ranked alongside of Michael, he is considered the angel of annunciation, resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death, and resurrection. He presides over Paradise, is the Prince of the 1st Heaven and is said to sit on the Left Hand of God. He is said to have dealt death and destruction to Sodom and Gomorrah as well as being the restrainer that kept Queen Vashti from appearing naked, leading to Queen Esther’s appearance and to whom Daniel fell on his face before.
  3. Raphael – is considered the third great angel and appears in the book of Tobit. He is one of the 7 angels who attends God’s throne and is mentioned in the book of Enoch as one of the watchers of mankind. He is set over diseases and is charged to heal those of earth under his care. He is mentioned as the one who healed Abraham of the pain of circumcision, Jacob of his thigh injury and guided Noah on his life after the flood with medical insight.
  4. Uriel – is listed as the archangel who resides over Hades (II Edras), interpreted Ezra’s visions, and in the book of Enoch was said to oversee thunder and terror. In the pseudepigraphal writing of Adam and Eve as well as Teaching of the Catholic Church he is the angel who stood at the gate of Eden once Adam and Eve were ejected but then buried them upon their death. He is also the angel who carried God’s message to Noah about the impending flood.
  5. Barakiel – is considered an archangel, is the prince of the 2nd Heaven and is part of the order of “confessors.” He is also considered one of the ruling Seraphim and has dominion over hail and lightning. He is also considered to be the angel overseeing games of chance.
  6. Remiel – is considered an archangel and one of the 7 who attend the throne of God. He is mentioned in the books of Enoch and IV Edras and described the angel overseeing those who rise from the dead. Who knows, he may be the one who greets us upon our arrival in Heaven on “graduation day!”
  7. Raguel – is considered an archangel who oversees the earth and the 3rd Heaven. He is also the angel charged with bringing wayward angels “to account” for their sin and directing the cold, snow, and ice as wrath upon the earth when appropriate.

While these names and assignments may not hold critical information for you and I, it is good to see the order and design in this area. As I mentioned yesterday there is depth in The Kingdom and there is a reason and purpose for everything. It’s good to know that God has all the bases covered – even about things that we have no idea about. We are safe and secure in His hands. Shalom and Shalom.

Love Dad.

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