Family and Friends – The Father 1.0

Family and Friends – The Father 1.0

As we prepare for the new year, I want to start with your relationship with Father God. With just Him individually. His role, your relationship, etc. I want you to see him as He is and befriend him in the way He wants you to so you can be like Enoch and Noah – Halak (walk) with Him.

The Greek word for father patēr, does not simply translate into someone who, by his own will or passion, causes a child to be born. The word is multifaceted in meaning and communicates a message far beyond the man’s role in procreation. Strong’s Concordance says that a father is “an originator of a family or society of persons.” A father infuses his own spirit into his family, thereby governing their minds and directing their thoughts. Furthermore, the position of father is a place of honor. He deserves honor because of the caring attitude he maintains during the knowledge transfer and training of his children to enrich their lives. In fact, the definition of a father in the original Greek is entirely devoid of the concept of physical reproduction. Notice how verses like John 1:13 explain that some children were born due to “human decision or a husband’s will,” so we would understand the difference. It boils down to what a father does with his little “society”—not how it arrived there.

The meaning of fatherhood in our present day culture is the antithesis of patēr. Today, it is not at all unusual to have an absentee father. Numerous books have been written about the issue. According to the book “The American Community” (2005) some American cultural groups more than 50% of the children are being raised by a single parent. It touches all our lives. I have a niece whose biological dad left several weeks after her birth and was never seen or heard from again. In addition to an individual’s refusal to accept responsibility, man’s selfishness and self-indulgence have made a mockery of the Biblical definition of a father.

Discovering the image of true fatherhood is not only a blessing but a real head start for a man’s mental and spiritual development. My family was fortunate to have a dad who loved God, stayed the course, and provided for our needs. If you are reading this and did not have that advantage, some of what you read may seem idealistic. It is not just a dream; it can be a reality in your life – you can do something that was not done for you. As you read on, you will find the template for having this relationship with each Member of The God Family, particularly with your Father. THAT you can pass on to your children.

Your primary relationship and most intimate friendship should be with the being you address as your Heavenly Father. If you halak with Him, you have this promise: “But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.” (1John 1:7) The Father will help you understand your image, which His Son built from His template and then purified with His blood. But first, you must walk with the Father and accept His direction concerning your image. As He helps you better understand who you were intended to be, you will become more focused on the goal of fulfilling your true capacity. The Father will help you see that your duty (to Him) is to be who you were created to be. Wishing you could be just like someone else will fall from your mind. You will no longer waste time with the counterproductive pastime of comparing yourself to others. Just be who He created you to be. You’ve heard this from me many times, now you understand the origin. Tomorrow we will dig deeper.

Love Dad

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